Barwon celebrates success of some of our youth products

Barwon celebrates success of some of our youth products

By Colin Drain
27th August
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Always got a home here

On Saturday evening, we invited our past and current players who are currently playing or have played in the NPL Juniors competitions to join us to watch the State League teams play and enjoy drinks and pizza.

Many are still regulars at the Club but it was good to catch up with them all and find out what they've been up to since they left Barwon. Pictured are most of those who turned up, and the full list is below. Some played for us for years, while others only for a season or two, but we take pride in watching them pursue their love of the game, wherever they may be. One day, we hope that more will return and emulate the success of Christian Mahon in making it into our own Seniors setup!

Last week, we found out that Om Patil, Alex Moorfoot and Spencer Hand have been selected to represent Regional Victoria in the upcoming National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour in October, which is an amazing achievement, well done boys!

North Geelong Warriors
Tobias Servin, Om Patil, Alex Moorfoot, Ben Readings, Daniel Harland, Hugo Leban, Jack Marescuk, Yash Patel and Noah Bradley

Geelong SC
Charlie Harper, Gus Henkel, Jack McTaggart, Locke Harper, Spencer Hand, Seth Sutherland, Josh Mikac, Maysra Alyas, Sebastien Krueger, Tom McDonald, Lachlan Mikac, Byron Inturrisi, George Gower, Hunter Purdy, Lucas Conte and Tyler Collins

South Melbourne
Tae-Min Brandwyk, Callum Fisher

Altona Magic
Alen Bobby

Jackson Lane

Current Barwon players
Michael Neaves, Digby Crowhurst and Hayley Mallon

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